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Coin collecting is the hobby of collecting coins. more...

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Coin collecting is to be distinguished from numismatics, the scientific study of money and its history in all its varied forms. Numismatics includes the study of coins, banknotes, stock certificates, medals, medallions, and token coins.


While hoarding coins due to their value goes back to the beginning of coinage, collecting them as art pieces was a later development. Known as the "Hobby of Kings", modern coin collecting is generally believed to have begun in the fourteenth century with Petrarch. Notes of Roman emperors having coin collections are also known, but it remains somewhat unclear whether these coins were studied, considered curiosities or were merely hoarded.

Coin collecting specialties

There are almost as many different ways of collecting coins as there are collectors. Many collectors specialize in some area of collecting, at least for a time.

Casual collector

The most common type of coin collector is the casual collector. Casual collectors can be both kids and adults. They just collect random coins, because they like it, and because it's fun. The only difference is they don't spend nearly as much money on buying and preserving coins. When the casual collector comes across something out of the ordinary, such as a denomination that doesn't circulate often, or an obsolete type, perhaps error coins or a modified coin such as a two headed magician's piece he will toss it in a drawer. Casual collectors can get more involved when the chance of finding something interesting in circulation increases. For example, the recent statehood quarters circulating commemoratives in the United States has increased the number of casual collectors. Casual collectors often obtain more interesting pieces as gifts. The gift of a rare coin has converted many casual collectors to curious collectors.


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